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General Walking routes

The Walking route Luzhniki metro station Park Kultury

The Walking route Luzhniki  metro station Park Kultury

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills)




The Walking route Luzhniki  metro station Park Kultury

We would like to introduce you very interesting walking route which we also can name as Sport and health improvement walking route from Luzhniki Olympic Complex to the metro station Park Kultury. The start of the walking is in the metro station Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) but don`t hurry to leave the station, because there two reasons to stay for a while in this metro station. The metro station Vorobyovy Gory is single Moscow metro station which is located on the bridge over the Moscow River and has beautiful view through the glass walls on Luzhniki Olympic Complex and Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills). Also on the metro station periodically are organized different exhibitions which definitely will be interesting.

The Walking route Luzhniki  metro station Park Kultury

So, let start our walk. From the metro station you should exit to the Luzhniki Olympic Complex on Luzhniki embankment. Along beautiful and comfortable embankment continue your walk toward the main football arena. On the other side of Moscow River you can see the Ski jumping hill and Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills). When you will reach the arena there you will find the Alley of significant sports events in Luzhniki. It starts from the embankment and leads till the arena. After the alley continue the walk along the embankment.

The Walking route Luzhniki  metro station Park Kultury

After few minutes of the walk you will reach small chapel. Here you should turn right on the alley of the sports glory in Luzhniki. Next to the entrance to the alley you can see two monuments in honor of the famous Russian footballers Lev Yashin and Nikolai Starostin. Go along the alley to the opposite entrance. On the alley you will find the monument to the third famous Russian footballer Eduard Streltsov. Next to the exit from the alley you will find the monument to Olympic bear and bowl of the Olympic flame. Next to the monument turn left and go to Luzhniki Palace of Sports where next to this building you will see the monument to Anna Sinilkina. Here next to the Luzhniki Palace of Sports turn right and exit from Luzhniki on Novoluzhneckiy proezd (NewLuzhniki street). Here the sports part of the walk is ending.

The Walking route Luzhniki  metro station Park KulturyCross the Novoluzhneckiy proezd (NewLuzhniki street) and the third Ring Road and you are next to the Street Hamovnichesky Val. Here you should turn left and go to the crossroad where you should turn right and cross the Street Hamovnichesky Val and you are in the Garden Square next to the Big Novodevichy pond. On the embankment you will find Sculptural composition - Give way for children. Go around the pond to the entrance to Novodevichy Convent. After the walking in the convent you should go on the Street Big Pirogovskaya. Here is started as we can say like this health improvement part of the walking route. The entire street consists of the buildings which belong to the medical institutions. On the street you will find a few monuments to Nikolai Semashko, Ivan Sechenov, Nikolay Pirogov and next to the Garden square - Devichie pole you will find the monuments to Vladimir Snegirev and to Nil Filatov.

The Walking route Luzhniki  metro station Park Kultury

The Garden square - Devichie pole it is final point of this interesting walking. Here in the garden square you can take a rest after long but interesting walking and find the monuments to Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze, Leo Tolstoy and the monument to the pilots of the long-range aviation. Also in the garden square you can find beautiful fountain. The final point of the walk it is the monument to Leo Tolstoy. After the Garden square you simple go along Zubovskaya Street to Zubovskaya square and turn right on the Zubovskaya Boulevard. Along the Zubovskaya Boulevard go till the metro station Park Kultury. Have a nice walks.

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