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Interesting places

Here you will find information about interesting places in the city are worth visiting.

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Architectural and Ethnographic Museum - Taltsy

22.05.2018village TaltsyArchitectural and Ethnographic Museum - Taltsy

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum Taltsy it is a unique open-air museum complex. A square of the museum is 67 hectares. Its collection contains more than 27 000 exhibits, architectural and ethnographic monuments of XVII-XX centuries.


More >> Architectural and Ethnographic Museum - Taltsy

Lake Baikal

18.02.2018IrkutskLake Baikal

Undoubtedly, the lake Baikal is a real pearl of Russia and it is not necessary to add a superfluous representation. The lake Baikal is the largest freshwater natural reservoir and is the deepest lake in the world.



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Bird Park - Sparrows

04.02.2018State Farm VictoryBird Park - Sparrows

For those who like the birds and not only them we would like to introduce you very interesting and beautiful Bird park Sparrows.




More >> Bird Park - Sparrows

Seven Sisters

30.11.2017MoscowSeven Sisters

Seven sisters this are seven skyscrapers: Leningradskaya Hotel, Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building, Red Gates Administrative Building, Kudrinskaya Square Building, Hotel Ukraina, Moscow State University, and of course the building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Museum of the Moscow Railway

06.11.2017MoscowMuseum of the Moscow Railway

A Museum of the Moscow Railway is in the building what is about 1800 square meters. The museum has its own park what is one and half hectare. The main exhibit of the museum it is a steam locomotive U-127.



More >> Museum of the Moscow Railway

Bank Bridge

04.11.2017Saint PetersburgBank Bridge

A Bank Bridge through the Griboedov Canal is a one of three-extant chain pedestrian bridge in Saint Petersburg. The Bank Bridge it is a small pedestrian bridge from cast iron with a wood flooring.



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