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Interesting places

Here you will find information about interesting places in the city are worth visiting.

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Deviy and Gus stones

06.09.2011MoscowDeviy and Gus stones

What could be interesting in a simple stone from the first sight? You are right, nothing, however in the Moscow park Kolomenskoe there are two such stones. Every day round on these stones walks many people.



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Museum of Industrial Culture

15.08.2011MoscowMuseum of Industrial Culture

Under the roof of museum collected hundreds exhibits since XIX century till end XX century. The collection contains household items and equipment since Russia and Soviet Union. Began from toys, books and music instruments till karting, motorcycles and cars.



More >> Museum of Industrial Culture

Bobruisk yard (Beaver yard)

20.06.2011MoscowBobruisk yard (Beaver yard)

Next to the entry to this yard you will meet happy and elegantly dressed beaver. He is sitting on the bench welcomes you and invites you to the yard.



More >> Bobruisk yard (Beaver yard)

Kremlin in Izmailovo

02.05.2011MoscowKremlin in Izmailovo

The Kremlin in Izmailovo made in the classic old Russia style. Its contains architectural solutions and all of the most beautiful of this era. Now the Kremlin is a Beautiful historical symbol of architecture XVI-XVII centuries.



More >> Kremlin in Izmailovo

Alisa Selezneva alley

03.04.2011MoscowAlisa Selezneva alley

Alisa Selezneva alley it is not big, neatly and beautiful alley. Along the alley are growing 25 rowans. At the beginning of the alley there is a memorial stone where is a plate with name of the alley and picture of Alisa Selezneva from the popular series for children Guest from the future.


More >> Alisa Selezneva alley

Tagansky Protected Command Point

13.03.2011MoscowTagansky Protected Command Point

After the death of the Huge and Mighty State in the same time are dying most secrets. Also big factories and enterprises are destroyed, become hard times for universities and so on. But this is visible part of devastation.


More >> Tagansky Protected Command Point

Museum of Baron Münchhausen

19.03.2012MoscowMuseum of Baron Münchhausen

Everybody knows him. He is most famous storyteller. He flew on the cannonball, he shot at the elk the cherry pits. Yes, its Baron Münchhausen. There is a museum of him in Moscow.



More >> Museum of Baron Münchhausen

The Ostankino Tower

19.03.2012MoscowThe Ostankino Tower

The Ostankino Tower more than forty years is symbol of scientific and technical achievement and the pride of Russia. It is television and radio tower. Height of the tower is 540 meter and it takes the fourth place in the world as free-standing building.


More >> The Ostankino Tower

Moscow museum of modern Art

19.03.2012MoscowMoscow museum of modern Art

Moscow museum of modern Art was opened in 1999 year. The founder of the museum is Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. There are the exhibits of art 20 and 21 centuries in the museum. At the beginning the collection of the museum contained the sculptures and pictures of Zurab Tseretely. But now there is many works other sculptors, painters and so on.

More >> Moscow museum of modern Art

The Hermitage Garden

19.03.2012MoscowThe Hermitage Garden

Very famous place in the Moscow, where with great pleasure go young people. There are three theaters, restaurant, coffee house, Tea ceremony club, and playground and so on. In the Hermitage Garden you will spend your time with great pleasure and interest.


More >> The Hermitage Garden

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