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Interesting places

Here you will find information about interesting places in the city are worth visiting.

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Kubinka Tank Museum

23.10.2014KubinkaKubinka Tank Museum

One of the biggest in the world museums of tanks in Kubinka has placed its big collection in the seven spacious pavilions.


More >> Kubinka Tank Museum

Alley of Glory in Tuchkovo

01.10.2014Urban-type settlement TuchkovoAlley of Glory in Tuchkovo

The Alley of Glory in Tuchkovo it is a middle size square in front of the entrance to the park. The main part of the alley it is an Eternal flame.


More >> Alley of Glory in Tuchkovo

Alley of the sports glory in Luzhniki

09.08.2014MoscowAlley of the sports glory in Luzhniki

On the territory of the Olympic complex Luzhniki you can find a beautiful alley of the sports glory. It stretches from the right entrance to the complex till the embankment of Moscow River.


More >> Alley of the sports glory in Luzhniki

Local histiry museum in Balashov

29.06.2014BalashovLocal histiry museum in Balashov

One of the biggest museums in Saratov Oblast a Local history museum in Balashov consists of two buildings. There is main collection of the exhibit items in the main building and the second building the estate of a merchantman Diyakov itself is the exhibit item and a monument of architecture.


More >> Local histiry museum in Balashov

Alley of significant sports events in Luzhniki

11.05.2014MoscowAlley of significant sports events in Luzhniki

On the alley, which leads from the embankment of the Moscow River to the main football arena of Luzhniki, there are memorial signs in honor of the significant sports events which were in the sport complex Luzhniki.


More >> Alley of significant sports events in Luzhniki

Public museum of Moscow metro

20.04.2014MoscowPublic museum of Moscow metro

Moscow metro is almost eighty years old but already has very interesting and saturated history. And it`s history is represented in the Public museum of Moscow metro.


More >> Public museum of Moscow metro

T-34 History Museum

16.03.2014village SholokhovoT-34 History Museum

The T-34 History Museum in the village Sholokhovo it is a museum only of the great history of the Soviet Union tank T-34, the main tank of Russia during the Second World War.


More >> T-34 History Museum

Moscow Paleontological Museum

10.03.2014MoscowMoscow Paleontological Museum

The Orlov Museum of Paleontology is one of the biggest Scientific Educational Center of Moscow.


More >> Moscow Paleontological Museum

Oceanarium in Altufyevo

31.12.2013MoscowOceanarium in Altufyevo

The biggest Oceanarium in Moscow is located on the north part of the city and contains eight zones, beginning a polar zone and till the Tropics.


More >> Oceanarium in Altufyevo

Museum-panorama the battle of Borodino

22.12.2013MoscowMuseum-panorama the battle of Borodino

Museum-panorama the battle of Borodino it is a museum complex which contains three departments: the main exposition of the panorama the battle of Borodino, Kutuzovskaya izba (Kutuzov`s hut) and museum of the heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia.


More >> Museum-panorama the battle of Borodino

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