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In the coming New 2017 year we wish you that flame-colored cock bring you good luck, happiness and bright and positive impressions during your traveling. More >>

In the last day of the year we wish you Happy New 2016 Year, the year of energetic and cheerful monkey. More >>

16 October 2015 was stolen the monument to the famous Russian actor Yevgeny Leonov. More >>

On 16 February 2015 on two months the Lenin`s Mausoleum was closed for the routine maintenance. More >>

At the end of the January 2015 the museum-experimentanium moved to the new place. More >>

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Welcome! On this site you can find many interesting and fascinating information. If you are interested in walking and searching for unusual places, if you accidentally stumbled upon an unusual monument and want to learn in detail about it - then this site is for you. Also here you will find pictures of interesting reports on events held in our city, as well as announcements of planned events.

At the moment the site is devoted mostly walks around Moscow and Moscow region a little bit. But the "Bronze Horseman" in the header as it suggests ... We will be glad if you send us (or post on the forum) a description of the monuments and pictures of them from other cities, so we will be happy walking routes, descriptions of interesting places. Take a walk together?

Monument to GAZ-21 Volga

11.11.2017MoscowMonument to GAZ-21 Volga

A monument to the famous Soviet car GAZ-21 “Volga” this is a real car what was restored with using original parts.




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Country estate Kuskovo

10.11.2017MoscowCountry estate Kuskovo

A former country estate of the graphs Sheremetev – the country estate Kuskovo it is a spacious and very beautiful gardening complex with astonishing and beautiful buildings of XVIII century.


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Museum of the Moscow Railway

06.11.2017MoscowMuseum of the Moscow Railway

A Museum of the Moscow Railway is in the building what is about 1800 square meters. The museum has its own park what is one and half hectare. The main exhibit of the museum it is a steam locomotive U-127.



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