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Parks and squares

Living in a big city you can find many beautiful places to enjoy nature and feel the distance from the civilization, or find yourself in the past.

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Izmaylovo Estate

03.01.2019MoscowIzmaylovo Estate

The Izmaylovo estate this is a reconstructed estate of XVI century. The museum – estate Izmaylovo together with the country estate Kuskovo and the estate Lublino are part of the Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve.


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Country estate Kuskovo

10.11.2017MoscowCountry estate Kuskovo

A former country estate of the graphs Sheremetev – the country estate Kuskovo it is a spacious and very beautiful gardening complex with astonishing and beautiful buildings of XVIII century.


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Garden square - Devichie pole

20.12.2014MoscowGarden square - Devichie pole

In the Khamovniki District there is a small but beautiful and very cozy a Garden square – Devichie pole (Girlish field) where you can walk and rest from the city vanity.


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Ukrainian Boulevard

24.08.2014MoscowUkrainian Boulevard

Ukrainian Boulevard it is great place in Moscow for the fascinating walks. After the restoration and accomplishment the boulevard had become more beautiful and cozy.


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Kuybyshev Park - Balashov

04.07.2014BalashovKuybyshev Park - Balashov

Kuybyshev Park is a single and main park in Balashov but very Cozy Park for the resting of citizens and guests of Balashov. There is a monument of Glory with the eternal flame in the park in honor of the heroes of the citizens of Balashov defenders of the motherland who were killed during the Civil War 1917 – 1922 and the Second World War 1941 – 1945.

More >> Kuybyshev Park - Balashov

Park Homestead Trubetskoys in Hamovniki

17.11.2013MoscowPark Homestead Trubetskoys in Hamovniki

A Park Homestead Trubetskoys in Hamovniki it is small and beautiful park in the Moscow district Hamovniki. There is a pond with the island in the park. To the island leads two bridges.



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Park of the Astrological signs

20.10.2013MoscowPark of the Astrological signs

Do we believe in the astrological forecast or not but each of us know his the astrological sign under what, he was born. So in the Sviblovo district on the north part of Moscow there is a small park where you will find unusual sculptures of the astrological signs.


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