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Parks and squares

Living in a big city you can find many beautiful places to enjoy nature and feel the distance from the civilization, or find yourself in the past.

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Muzeon Park of Arts

26.08.2012MoscowMuzeon Park of Arts

It is not a big park, but very popular park in the center of Moscow. Its very young Park just 20 years old. The park is unique because all monuments are placing in open air.



More >> Muzeon Park of Arts

The Serebryanyy Bor (Silver Pinewood)

03.10.2011MoscowThe Serebryanyy Bor (Silver Pinewood)

The monument of nature the Serebryanyy Bor (Silver Pinewood) is very popular place for relax and walking. Its because in the City hard to find the ecologically clean place. But this park is placed on the north-west side of Moscow where there is no dirty factories.


More >> The Serebryanyy Bor (Silver Pinewood)

Woodland park Kuzminki

31.03.2012MoscowWoodland park Kuzminki

The Park Kuzminki is a homestead where in XVIII century lived princes and barons. The homestead is unique because it doesnt have concrete shape. The territory of the homestead gradually merges with the environment forest. At the time, park was an example to follow and was excellent landscape park in Moscow.

More >> Woodland park Kuzminki

Victory Park (Poklonnaya Gora)

09.08.2011MoscowVictory Park (Poklonnaya Gora)

Victory Park is divided on two parts. On the east part of Park there is Poklonnaya Hill where 1418 fountains are. Its number of day of Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945. After fountains there is a monument of Victory in the War. On the bottom part of monument there is a sculpture of St George slaying the dragon.


More >> Victory Park (Poklonnaya Gora)



Kolomenskoye was a royal residence in XIV century. Now the homestead is the Museum-Reserve. There are restored buildings since Tsarist Russia, for example the Wooden palace in Kolomenskoe, the Palace of Catherine the Great.


More >> Kolomenskoye

Pharmaceutical Garden

15.05.2011MoscowPharmaceutical Garden

Between the stone jungles of Moscow, next to metro station Prospect of peace you can find small but very cozy garden it is the Pharmaceutical Garden with more than three hundred years the history. It was founded by Peter the Great. Now the garden is the branch of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University of the Lomonosov.

More >> Pharmaceutical Garden

The Friendships Park

20.03.2012MoscowThe Friendships Park

The Friendships Park in Moscow is not very big Park but it very Cozy Park with many open space areas and ponds with bridges.



More >> The Friendships Park

The Japanese garden

20.03.2012MoscowThe Japanese garden

If you are tired of the gray day and want to go somewhere where you have never been in Moscow you can find small piece of Japan. The Japanese garden placed in the big Botanical garden in the north part of Moscow.


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The Arhangelskoe homestead

20.03.2012MoscowThe Arhangelskoe homestead

The Arhangelskoe homestead in the countryside of Moscow truly could be called the Petergof of Moscow. Due to the large open spaces and Cozy Parks ensemble the Arhangelskoe looks like a famous Petergof in St.-Petersburg.

More >> The Arhangelskoe homestead

Tsaritsyno Park

20.03.2012MoscowTsaritsyno Park

This park is not big but very cozy and nice. Tsaritsyno Park is one of famous place in Moscow. Park is very popular with newlyweds where they celebrate the wedding. It makes sense because from one side beautiful place from another side compactly and comfortably.

More >> Tsaritsyno Park

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