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Parks and squares

Living in a big city you can find many beautiful places to enjoy nature and feel the distance from the civilization, or find yourself in the past.

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Park 850th anniversary of Moscow

19.08.2013MoscowPark 850th anniversary of Moscow

At the first sight the park 850th anniversary of Moscow looks small, but it is not case. The square of the park is almost 200 hectare along Moscow River from Woodland park Kuzminki till the Kolomenskoye park.



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Catherine`s Park

12.08.2013MoscowCatherine`s Park

The square of the Catherine`s park is just 16 hectare. Here you can walk under the trees and see many interesting things, sits next to the pond, look to the past and observe the far stars.



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Park and estate Brattsevo

01.06.2013MoscowPark and estate Brattsevo

There are most popular and interesting places of Moscow in the historical center of the city. But there are many historical places on the outskirts of Moscow what are not known and popular as the places in the center.



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The park of culture and leisure of Noginsk

10.05.2013NoginskThe park of culture and leisure of Noginsk

The park of vulture and leisure in Noginsk is very popular and loved place for a rest and entertainment. The walks in the park will bring pleasure to children and adults.



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The country estate of Anton Chekhov - Melikhovo

17.01.2013village MelokhovoThe country estate of Anton Chekhov - Melikhovo

Of course, if you compare the country estate Melikhovo for example with the country house Kuskovo in Moscow you can say that it very small and not so beautiful. But it is not like that.



More >> The country estate of Anton Chekhov - Melikhovo



During the long time of existence of a small homestead to the north of Moscow it has had many different and famous owners as Golovin and Golitsyn families.



More >> Marfino

Park Artyom Borovik

18.11.2012MoscowPark Artyom Borovik

It is a small park in honor of the journalist Artyom Borovik and placed in the center of the big car circular motion. There is a monument to Artyom Borovik in the park.



More >> Park Artyom Borovik

Düsseldorf park

14.11.2012MoscowDüsseldorf park

It is very interesting to walk around Moscow and drop in Düsseldorf. There is a small but cozy Düsseldorf park on the south-east of Moscow. Main part of the park it is a pond what looks like boomerang.



More >> Düsseldorf park

The Georgian garden

21.10.2012MoscowThe Georgian garden

It is small and quiet but very cozy garden on the north-west side of Moscow. Here you can walk under the trees and find interesting things. Garden is very interesting for the adults and children. For the children there is a playground in the Georgian garden.


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The Patriarch Ponds

02.09.2012MoscowThe Patriarch Ponds

The Patriarch Ponds it is a small square in the center of Moscow. There is a pond in the center of the square. You can ask why it’s named ponds where there is just one pond. In the XVII century here were made three ponds for Patriarch's Goat Sloboda.


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