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Pharmaceutical Garden

Pharmaceutical Garden

Сountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Prospect of peace

Established: 1706



Pharmaceutical GardenBetween the stone jungles of Moscow, next to metro station Prospect of peace you can find small but very cozy garden it is the Pharmaceutical Garden with more than three hundred years the history. It was founded by Peter the Great. Now the garden is the branch of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University of the Lomonosov.

There is a big amount of different plants from the entire world in the garden. You can visit this garden many times because since the spring and during the summer there is constantly something is blooming. Between flowers there are convenient paths and you can come to the flower and enjoy this beauty.

Also in the garden there is a pond. Every summer there run fish Koi. These fish very beautiful. And in the garden you can see cute ducks.

дорожка - Аптекарский огородDuring the life of the garden was really hard times and several times it almost disappeared. However the garden survived and kept its brilliant collection of flowers. Now we can see this beauty.

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Creation history

In 1706 Peter the Great issued a decree about foundation the garden for growing medicinal plants. In 1812 there was the fire biggest part of the garden was destroyed. For saving the garden was sold part of territory.

In the beginning of 20th century the garden also had hard times. But it survived and now we can enjoy this beauty. In 1973 the garden was pronounced as historical and cultural monument and there was established a monument what looks like a growing flower.

How to find

Вход в Аптекарский огородGo to metro station Prospect of peace (the Ring line - brown) and exit to Prospect of peace. Turn left and go ahead two minutes till building № 26. Here in this building is the entry to the Pharmaceutical Garden.