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Park Homestead Trubetskoys in Hamovniki

Park Homestead Trubetskoys in Hamovniki

Сountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Frunzenskaya

Established: XVII c.



Park Homestead Trubetskoys in HamovnikiA Park Homestead Trubetskoys in Hamovniki it is small and beautiful park in the Moscow district Hamovniki. There is a pond with the island in the park. To the island leads two bridges. Also on the territory of the park there are children`s playgrounds and Children`s educational center with small football stadium.

Also in the park you can walk on the ecological path, ride a horse and visit a mountain – King. And of course in the park you can visit reconstructed after the fire in 2001 house of Trubetskoys. In every seasons the walk will be very interesting and excited. And finally in the park you can see interesting and unusual sculpture tree of love.

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Creation history

Park Homestead Trubetskoys in HamovnikiA history of the park began in XVII century when the estate was given to the prince Vasily Vasilyevich Galitzine. Later the estate was given to his sister Irina Vasilievna. She was marrIed to Yuriy Trubetskoy.

Till the XX century the Homestead Trubetskoys was very popular place. In 1923 the Homestead was reorganized to the park and also was renamed and became as the park named in honor of the Russian revolutionist Mandelstam. In present days to the park was returned his historical name.

How to find

Go to metro station Frunzenskaya and exit to the lane Kholzunova and turn left. On the lane Kholzunova go 200 meters till the entrance to the park and you have reach the Park Homestead Trubetskoys in Hamovniki.

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