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General Parks and squares

Kuybyshev Park - Balashov

Kuybyshev Park - Balashov

ountry: Russia

Locality: Balashov


Established: 1929



Kuybyshev Park - BalashovKuybyshev Park is a single and main park in Balashov but very Cozy Park for the resting of citizens and guests of Balashov. There is a monument of Glory with the eternal flame in the park in honor of the heroes of the citizens of Balashov defenders of the motherland who were killed during the Civil War 1917 1922 and the Second World War 1941 1945. Not far from the monument you can find the monument to the jet L-39 what was established instead of dismantled monument to the transport aircraft An-12.

Also in the park you can walk along the memorial alley. Take a seat at the single fountain in front of the monument to Lenin. By the way in the park you can visit a Local museum and find out the history of Balashov. You definitely should visit it you will not be disappointed. Also in the park you will find the monument in honor of the liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster 1986-1990 and the memorial cross in honor of the Holy Trinity Church which was here till 1936.

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Creation history

Kuybyshev Park - BalashovKuybyshev Park was founded in 1929 when from the shopping space the market places were removed and were planted the trees. In 1935 the park was named in honor of the revolutionary Kuybyshev V.V.. There were built two fountains, unfortunately smallest one was closed and reconstructed to a flower-bed which at the moment in bad condition.

How to find

From the railway station Balashov-1 by the bus 8 go till the bus stop Volodarsky Street and exit to the Kuybyshev Park. Or, also from the railway station Balashov-1 by bus 3 go till the bus stop next to the Movie Theater Victory on the Lenin Street. Exit from the bus and you are at the entrance of Kuybyshev Park.

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