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Local histiry museum in Balashov

Local histiry museum in Balashov

Сountry: Russia

Locality: Balashov


Established: 1932



Local histiry museum in BalashovOne of the biggest museums in Saratov Oblast a Local history museum in Balashov consists of two buildings. There is main collection of the exhibit items in the main building and the second building the estate of a merchantman Diyakov itself is the exhibit item and a monument of architecture.

There are almost fifty thousand exhibit items in the main building of the museum. Here you will learn which animals and birds are living in Saratov Oblast and you will find out about the trees of the countryside of Balashov. Also you will learn about the life of the people who lived here in ancient centuries before the town was founded and what ancient graves were found here.

Local histiry museum in BalashovThere are a lot of exhibit items of the end of XIX century and beginning of XX century and items till nowadays. In the museum you will learn the history of the Balashov Higher Military Aviation School and what was manufactured in Balashov during its life. Here you can see big collection of the samovars. Also in the museum you will find the Olympic torch of the Summer Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.

It impossible to describe all exhibit items of the Local museum of Balashov just go there. And don`t forgot to visit estate of the merchantman Diyakov and find out how he had lived. Have a nice walks.

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Creation history

Local histiry museum in BalashovThe museum was founded in 1 April 1932 in the Kuybyshev Park.

How to find

From the railway station Balashov-1 by the bus № 8 go till the bus stop Volodarsky Street and exit to the Kuybyshev Park. In the park at the crossroad between Volodarsky Street and Karl Marx Street you will find a beautiful building of the Local museum if Balashov.