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General Parks and squares

Country estate Kuskovo

Country estate Kuskovo

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Novogireyevo

Established: XVI



Country estate KuskovoA former country estate of the graphs Sheremetev the country estate Kuskovo it is a spacious and very beautiful gardening complex with astonishing and beautiful buildings of XVIII century. Among the buildings the main place takes a palace in style of classicism. Also, the architectural ensemble contains: the Dutch house, the Grotto, the Orangerie, the Italian house, the Hermitage, the American greenhouse and even the bird open-air cage with the peacock.

Also on the territory of the estate there is a single in Moscow regular French park. In this park, you can see many beautiful marmoreal sculptures. As well, in Kuskovo there are few ponds. The main and biggest pond it is a Big palace pond. Around the estate there is big and beautiful Kuskovo Forest Park.

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Creation history

A history of the country estate Kuskovo began in XVI century. After the wedding of the son of the graph Boris Petrovich Sheremetev with the daughter of the chancellor Alexey Mikhailovich Cherkassky the estate became bigger. The dynasty of Sheremetev was owned this estate more than three hundred years till 1917. In 1918 the country estate Kuskovo received museum status. Till nowadays the estate remains in its former view.

How to find

To the estate Kuskovo you can go from the metro stations Ryazansky Prospekt, Vykhino and Novogireyevo. But it is better to go there from metro station Novogireyevo. Go to the metro station Novogireyevo and exit backward to the street Green avenue. Go along this avenue till the crossroad with the avenue Freedom. Turn right and go about 200 meters till the bus stop. Take a bus 615, 409 or trolleybus 64 and go to the bus stop Unosty (youth) street. When you will exit from the bus turn back and go along the street Veshnyakovskaya till the crossroad with the street Unosty. Cross the street Unosty and turn left. Go along the street about 700 meters till the main entrance to the estate next to the pond.

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