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Interesting places

Here you will find information about interesting places in the city are worth visiting.

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Alley of veterans

25.11.2012MoscowAlley of veterans

An alley of veterans is almost six hundred meters. The alley is well lighted and consist two parallel walking paths. There is a lawn and young trees between the walking paths.



More >> Alley of veterans

Experimentanium entertaining science museum

27.10.2012MoscowExperimentanium  entertaining science museum

It is not usual museum where you not allowed touching the museum pieces. Here you not just can touch them you should touch and play with them and nobody will tell you Dont touch it.



More >> Experimentanium entertaining science museum

Big Moscow planetarium

13.05.2012MoscowBig Moscow planetarium

After the long time of reconstruction the renovated Big Moscow planetarium grew up on 6 meters. The area of the planetarium grew up in the 6 times. Moscow planetarium is oldest planetarium in Russia and one of the biggest in the world.



More >> Big Moscow planetarium

The Timiryazev State Museum of Biology

13.02.2012MoscowThe Timiryazev State Museum of Biology

Very interesting The Timiryazev State Museum of Biology. In the collection of museum there is near 80 000 exhibits from wild life of Earth.



More >> The Timiryazev State Museum of Biology

The Museum creative workshop of sculptor Zurab Tsereteli

08.02.2012MoscowThe Museum creative workshop of sculptor Zurab Tsereteli

The Museum creative workshop of Zurab Tsereteli is young museum in Moscow, however like sculptures of Zurab Tsereteli the museum looks very impressive. Its because on the facade of museums building there are sculptures of clowns. The same sculptures you can find on the Color Boulevard next to the Circus of Yuri Nikulin.


More >> The Museum creative workshop of sculptor Zurab Tsereteli

State Darwin Museum

06.02.2012MoscowState Darwin Museum

State Darwin Museum in Moscow is biggest the natural sciences museum in Europe. In two buildings of museum there is a big collection of evolution on Earth. Also there are many exhibits of animals what lives on Earth now.



More >> State Darwin Museum

All-Russia Exhibition Centre

05.10.2011MoscowAll-Russia Exhibition Centre

All-Russia Exhibition Centre is the biggest in Moscow. It is placed on the north-east part of Moscow. There are 71 Exhibition pavilions and 3 fountains. Every day there take place different exhibitions. If you want more fun then in there you can find many attractions. Main attraction is the huge Ferris Wheel.

More >> All-Russia Exhibition Centre

the Memorial Alley in honor of the Cosmonauts

25.09.2011Moscowthe Memorial Alley in honor of the Cosmonauts

This Alley is the Memorial Alley in honor of the Cosmonauts who were the pioneers and opened for the civilization the space. The alley begins on the crossroad between the Prospect of Peace and the Ostankino passage.


More >> the Memorial Alley in honor of the Cosmonauts

Memorial Museum of Astronautics

20.09.2011MoscowMemorial Museum of Astronautics

The museum has big collection of the technical achievements 20th century what gave to people way to the space. You can follow and touch to the each step on the way to the space. From the first artificial satellite of the Earth and the first animals (Soviet space dogs - Belka and Strelka) in the space till the first space station Mir.

More >> Memorial Museum of Astronautics

Zhivopisny Bridge (Picturesque Bridge)

12.09.2011MoscowZhivopisny Bridge (Picturesque Bridge)

It is unique cable-stayed bridge. The first interesting thing it is round building like disco ball. There will be the registry office. High of the bridge almost one hundred meters. However the registry office isnt main unique thing of the bridge.



More >> Zhivopisny Bridge (Picturesque Bridge)

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