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Interesting places

Here you will find information about interesting places in the city are worth visiting.

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Kazan Cathedral

20.08.2017Saint PetersburgKazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral is one of the biggest building in the Saint Petersburg. Per order of the Emperor of Russia Paul I the cathedral was built resembling to the St. Peters Basilica in Rome.



More >> Kazan Cathedral

Rostov Kremlin

24.05.2017RostovRostov Kremlin

Rostov Kremlin was built on the bank of the lake Nero in Rostov city. The architectural complex consists of more than ten buildings.




More >> Rostov Kremlin

Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Yaroslavl

26.11.2015YaroslavlHoly Transfiguration Monastery in Yaroslavl

One of the oldest friaries of Russia Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Yaroslavl it is a not functioning friary and museum complex which is basis of the State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve of Yaroslavl.


More >> Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Yaroslavl

Museum-estate boat of Peter the Great

14.11.2015village VeskovoMuseum-estate boat of Peter the Great

On the bank of beautiful Lake Pleshcheyevo in the village Veskovo what is near the town Pereslavl-Zalessky there is a unique and very interesting museum-estate Boat of Peter the Great. The main exhibit of the museum is the boat from the amusing flotilla of Peter the Great.


More >> Museum-estate boat of Peter the Great

Historical-cultural center - Russian Park

29.10.2015Pereslavl-ZalesskyHistorical-cultural center - Russian Park

The Historical-cultural center - Russian Park in the town Pereslavl-Zalessky which is belongs to the Golden Ring of Russia fully consecrated to Russian culture and the daily graft of XIX and beginning of XX centuries.


More >> Historical-cultural center - Russian Park

Museum-Reserve Gorki Leninskie

11.10.2015Gorki LeninskiyeMuseum-Reserve Gorki Leninskie

A Museum-reserve Gorki Leninskie it is big museum complex which consist of 5 clusters: museum-estate Gorki, scientific and cultural center Museum of V.I. Lenin, museum of the farm household, museum office and flat of Lenin in Kremlin and big and beautiful park.


More >> Museum-Reserve Gorki Leninskie

Museum of childhood

24.09.2015MoscowMuseum of childhood

In the shop Detsky mir (Children`s world) you can find very interesting museum of childhood. The museum has big collection of the exhibits; it is more than 1000 toys.


More >> Museum of childhood

Central Air force museum

24.06.2015MoninoCentral Air force museum

The Central Air force museum contains a huge collection of the exhibits almost all Russian aerotechnics since of its beginning till nowadays.


More >> Central Air force museum

The State Tretyakov gallery

22.03.2015MoscowThe State Tretyakov gallery

During the almost two hundred years of existence the state Tretyakov gallery has collected more than 50 000 works of art of Russian and foreign artists.


More >> The State Tretyakov gallery

Moscow clocks

15.02.2015MoscowMoscow clocks

Every day Moscow citizens and guests of the capital rush to the work or business meeting and only on one second glance on the Street clock whether they are not be late and absolutely don`t pay attention to the big variety and unique of Moscow street clocks.

More >> Moscow clocks

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