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General Interesting places

Museum-Reserve Gorki Leninskie

Museum-Reserve Gorki Leninskie

ountry: Russia

Locality: Gorki Leninskiye


Established: 1949



Museum-Reserve Gorki LeninskieA Museum-reserve Gorki Leninskie it is big museum complex which consist of 5 clusters: museum-estate Gorki, scientific and cultural center Museum of V.I. Lenin, museum of the farm household, museum office and flat of Lenin in Kremlin and big and beautiful park. There is a big collection of the exhibits from the first colonies of this location in IX-X centuries. Mostly, the museum famous because here had lived the leader of the proletariat Vladimir Ilyich Lenin but here you will find many interesting things and information from long history of this place. Scientific and cultural center Museum of V.I. Lenin very impressive and look very massive both outside and inside. The buildings of the estate are in good condition and you can look to the past and you can see how people lived in the end of XIX century and you can find out how had lived and worked Vladimir Lenin.

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Creation history

Museum-Reserve Gorki LeninskieThe history of the estate started since the end of XVIII century but people lived here since IX century. The museum-reserve was established in 1949 in the year 25th anniversary the death of Lenin. In 1987 here was built the scientific and cultural center Museum of V.I. Lenin which is 6000 square meters.

How to find

Museum-Reserve Gorki LeninskieFrom Moscow you can go to Gorki Leninskiye by bus 439. For this you should go to metro station Domodedovskaya. By bus go to Gorki Leninskiye about 20 minutes. In Gorki Leninskiye you should exit on the bus stop Experimental Base. From the bus stop go between the buildings 88 and 91 to the street Sadovaya (Garden street). After the building 91 turn right and go till the crossroad after the building 89. Here, turn left and go along the Sadovaya street till the crossroad with Severnuy lane (North lane). Cross the Severnuy lane and you are on the alley in honor of 60th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War in front of the building 3 Severnuy lane (North lane). Here in the beginning of the alley you can see the monument to the antiaircrafters. Go around the building from the right side and you will come on the parking of the museum-reserve. Go along the parking till the end where is a main entrance to museum-reserve Gorki Leninskie.