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General Interesting places

Rostov Kremlin

Rostov Kremlin

ountry: Russia

Locality: Rostov


Established: 1670

Founder: Jonah Sysoevicha


Rostov KremlinRostov Kremlin was built on the bank of the lake Nero in Rostov city. The architectural complex consists of more than ten buildings. The main buildings of the kremlin are Uspenskiy cathedral, the bell-gable of Uspenskiy cathedral, the Holy gates, the Church of the Hodegetria and the Church of the Savior on the Saints. The architect planned to create kremlin like the Garden of Eden and not like a Fortification. For this in the center of the kremlin was created the pond. Also, the kremlin is famous by the gate Church of the Resurrection what was founded in 1570. At the moment UNESCO is reviewing the proposal to include Rostov kremlin to the list of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Rosnov kremlin well known by the old Soviet Union comedy Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession. Exactly here were filmed sciences when the heroes of Leonid Kuravlev and Yuri Yakovlev were sent by Shurik (Aleksandr Demyanenko) to Moscow XVI century.

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Creation history

Rostov KremlinPer the idea of Iona Sysoevich who had dreamed to create the Garden of Eden as it is described in the Biblical scripture in 1670-1683 on the bank of the lake Nero was built the kremlin, where till 1787 was the Episcopal chair. When the Episcopal chair was moved to Yaroslavl, Rostov Metropolitan Court lost importance and had begun to dilapidate. However, was saved and in 1860-1880 the local merchants restored the kremlin. In 1883 on the territory of the kremlin was opened Rostov museum of Church antiquities. In 2013 the kremlin won in the competition Russia-10 and was included in top-10 Russian symbols.

How to find

Rostov KremlinThe distance from the railway station Rostov-Yaroslavsky to the kremlin about 1,5 kilometers. When you will exit from the railway station cross the street Dostoevskogo and along the street Lunacharskogo go till the crossroad with the street Okrugnaya (Circular). Here the street Lunacharskogo becoming to the street Moravskogo. Along the street Moravskogo go till the crossroad with the street Karl Marx Here you should turn right and along the street Karl Marx go till the crossroad with the street Kommunarov and 50 years of October. Here is the Saint gates of the Rostov Kremlin. Have a nice walk.