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Central Air force museum

Central Air force museum

Сountry: Russia

Locality: Monino


Established: 1958



Central Air force museumThe Central Air force museum contains a huge collection of the exhibits almost all Russian aerotechnics since of its beginning till nowadays. All exhibits of the serial and experimental flying machine it is real jets and helicopters which were created for the conquest of the air ocean. Among the exhibits you will find unique machines.

So in the collection of the museum you will find biggest in the world helicopter Mi-12 which was made by the Russian scientists and engineers. Also in the museum you will find unique supersonic bomber T-4 which was made with using of the titanium alloys. Also you will see a famous jet Tu-144, a bomber Tu-90 and modern advanced trainer and light fighter Yak-130 and other winged machines of our motherland.

In the museum you will learn a history of the creation of Russian aviation. Here you will find unique documentation. You should visit this very interesting museum because here you will learn all history of the evolution of Russian aviation.

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Creation history

Central Air force museumThe museum was founded in 1958 in the village Monino based on the Air Force Academy which was located in this village. Each year collection of the museum receives new exhibits. In 2000 started global reconstruction and now you can see new and beautiful museum of the beautiful winged machines which allowed to the people fly to blue sky towards the dream.

How to find

Central Air force museumFrom the railway station Monino go along the street Moskovskaya (Moscow street) till the crossroad with the street Krasovsky. Turn left and go along the Krasovsky street till the crossroad with Maslov street. Here turn left and go till the crossroad with street Belyakova where you should turn right. Along the street Belyakova go till the Hospital Street and again turn right. Go till the street Krasovsky and turn left and go till the Museum street and last time turn right on it and this street will lead you to the Central Air force museum.