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Moscow clocks

Moscow clocks

Сountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow





Moscow clocksEvery day Moscow citizens and guests of the capital rush to the work or business meeting and only on one second glance on the Street clock whether they are not be late and absolutely don`t pay attention to the big variety and unique of Moscow street clocks. In this article we will tell you about the most interesting and famous Moscow clocks. There are huge amount of different clocks in Moscow starting from standard clocks and old sun clocks till the modern clocks.

Moscow clocksThe main and most famous Russian clock it is Kremlin clock on the Spasskaya tower. This clock was installed in XIX century but their history began from XVI century. The clock is a historical value because the manufacturing of the mechanical striking clock like Kremlin clock is finished and in Moscow there are two striking clock were remained. The second clock is on the tower of the Kiyevsky railway station. Also in Kremlin you can find another three clocks: one on the Grand Kremlin Palace, on the Troitskaya and Borovitskaya Towers. On the tower of the Kazansky railway station you can see other interesting clock. This clock is interesting because on their clock face there are twelve astrological signs instead of usual numbers.

Moscow clocksIn Moscow you can find clocks-fountain. One of them you can find in the shopping mall next to the Kiyevsky railway station. The second clock you can find on Manezhnaya Square but from the first sight it doesn`t look like a clock. The clock is located on the cupola of the shopping mall and looks very originally. On the building of the Telegraphy you can find another interesting clock. This clock is interesting because on the clock face you can see Roman numerals from I to XII and Arabic numerals from 13 to 24. If you will go to the Lubyanka Square then on the building of KGB you can see one more clock. This clock interesting because it is located on the legendary building of the Committee for State Security of the Soviet Union.

Moscow clocksAlso in Moscow there are many sundials. This kind of the clock you can find in the Sokolniki Park and on the Historical Archives Institute RSUH you also find sundial of course if you will watch carefully. Also on the territory of the Novodevichy Convent you can find the sundial. The sculptural composition - solar system on the Memorial Alley in honor of the Cosmonauts also is a sundial. If you will be carefully then definitely you find more the sundial.

Moscow clocksOn the building of Moscow International Business Center you can find big electronic clock which you can see from long distance. Also on the building of the Moscow State University there is one of the highest clocks in Moscow. Not far from the metro station Polyanka on the church of Gregory Thaumaturgus you can find very interesting clock on which you will not see Roman numerals or Arabic numerals instead or it you will see ancient- slavyansky numerals. The most interesting clock in Moscow you can find on the building of Moscow State Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov. Every hour the clock shows you the puppet show. Have a nice walk and don`t forget about the time.

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