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General Interesting places

The Museum creative workshop of sculptor Zurab Tsereteli

The Museum creative workshop of sculptor Zurab Tsereteli

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Barrikadnaya

Established: 2009



The Museum creative workshop of sculptor Zurab TsereteliThe Museum creative workshop of Zurab Tsereteli is young museum in Moscow, however like sculptures of Zurab Tsereteli the museum looks very impressive. Its because on the facade of museums building there are sculptures of clowns. The same sculptures you can find on the Color Boulevard next to the Circus of Yuri Nikulin. In front entry you can see sculptures of people. All these sculptures created by Zurab Tsereteli.

The museum is placed in the three-storey building. There you can find many different sculptures and pictures by Zurab Tsereteli. But more interesting and impressive things you can see in the garden of the museum. There you will see very big collection of sculptures in the open air. There you can see sculptures Russian kings, famous poets and singers. There is a sculpture of Vladimir Putin, Joseph Brodsky, Vladimir Vysotsky.

The Museum creative workshop of sculptor Zurab TsereteliAlso there you can see sculptures of animals, books and many another interesting sculptures by Zurab Tsereteli. In the garden there is a workshop where Tsereteli creates his sculptures. In the museum are conducted master classes and lessons for children. On Holiday entry to the museum of Tsereteli is free.

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Creation history

The museum was open in 2009 like a branch of the Moscow museum of modern Art.

How to find

Go to metro station Barrikadnaya and exit to the Krasnaya Presnya Street to the Zoo. On the crossroad with Big Georgia Street turn right. On this Street go to the Georgian Square here is the Museum creative workshop of sculptor Zurab Tsereteli.