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T-34 History Museum

T-34 History Museum

Сountry: Russia

Locality: village Sholokhovo


Established: 2001

Founder: Larisa Vasilieva


T-34 History MuseumThe T-34 History Museum in the village Sholokhovo it is a museum only of the great history of the Soviet Union tank T-34, the main tank of Russia during the Second World War. Small but unique museum contains two parts: the first part it is an outside exposition and the second part it is an exposition in the building. There is a tank T-34 on the small pedestal in front of the museum.

In the outside exposition you can see different type of the tanks of T-34 family which were created on the T-34 base. All these tasks are the worthy offspring`s of the great ancestor. On some of the tanks you can climb and watch closer. Also next to the tanks there is a memorial cross in honor of the creators of the great tank T-34 and in honor of the tankmen who protected our motherland.

In the building of the museum there is big collection of the documents, things, tank`s elements which show you great history of creation and life of the tank T-34. Also there is a diorama in the museum which shows us an episode of the brave fight of the defenders of our motherland against Nazi aggressors.

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Creation history

The museum was founded in 1985 by Larisa Vasilieva the daughter of the designer of the tank T-34. Long time the museum was located in the countryside house of her. In 2001 with Moscow government support in the village Sholokhovo for the museum was built a new house.

How to find

By the Electric multiple unit go to the railway station Lugovaja (meadow). There go on the Central street toward the Dmitrov highway. Next to the highway turn right and after a hundred meters you will reach the T-34 History Museum. Village Sholokhovo bld. 89A.