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General Interesting places

Bird Park - Sparrows

Bird Park - Sparrows

ountry: Russia

Locality: State Farm Victory


Established: 2005

Founder: Belyakov Aleksandr and Tatiana


Bird Park - SparrowsFor those who like the birds and not only them we would like to introduce you very interesting and beautiful Bird park Sparrows. In the park you can find a large variety of birds from the most exotic birds to common representatives of the bird world which live in Russia and in the different regions of the world. Except the birds, in the park you can meet different animals from common cows to exotic llamas, fennec fox and monkeys hylobates and callitrichidae. Also in the park you can find amphibians and fishes. The most popular fish what lives in the park it is a red-bellied piranha. Park is constantly evolving and expanding, and arrived again you will discover something new and meet new inhabitants of the park.

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Creation history

Bird Park - SparrowsThe park was opened in 2005 in Kaluga region not far from Moscow, but idea of this park was born long time ago from small collection of the exotic parrots. Since that time the collection was growing and became very popular and later was moved to Kaluga region where was opened the bird park Sparrows.


How to find

Bird Park - SparrowsIts better to go to the bird park Sparrows by car. From Moscow on the Kaluzhskoe highway go to the village Sparrows and at the direction sign to the bird park Sparrows turn right and after 2 km you will reach the bird park Sparrows.