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General Interesting places

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

ountry: Russia

Locality: Irkutsk





Lake BaikalUndoubtedly, the lake Baikal is a real pearl of Russia and it is not necessary to add a superfluous representation. The lake Baikal is the largest freshwater natural reservoir and is the deepest lake in the world. The maximum depth is almost 1,7 km. Through its sizes the lake Baikal also is called a sea. Into Baikal flows more than 300 rivers and streams and just one flows out this is Angara river. On the territory of Baikal lives big amount of the animals-endemics, it means these animals lives just near Baikal lake. The most famous endemics of Baikal are Baikal seals, Baikal omuls, Thymallus and Coregonus. This is just smallest part of the miracles of Baikal which do Baikal the most unique freshwater natural reservoir in the world. Also, Baikal has twenty-seven islands. The biggest island of Baikal is the island Olkhon.

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Lake BaikalThere is a legend related with the river Angara. Baikal had 336 sons and just one daughter Angara. All sons were bringing their water to the father but young Angara fell in love with Yenisei and carried her water to him. When Baikal found out about her escape, he threw a rock Shaman stone to block the way. This Shaman stone you can see in the source of Angara river. But Angara had escaped and Baikal sent his son Irkut after her, but Irkut had regretted his sister and let her go. And Angara met her lover Yenisei and till nowadays they bring their water together to the Red sea of the Arctic Ocean.

How to find

Lake BaikalThe fastest way to reach Baikal lake from Irkutsk city is to go to urban locality Listvyanka what is located next to the point where the Angara River leaves Lake Baikal. But if you would like to enjoy naturel nature of Baikal then it is better to go to the village Sakhyurta the nearest point to the biggest island of Baikal Olkhon.

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