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General Interesting places

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum - Taltsy

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum - Taltsy

ountry: Russia

Locality: village Taltsy


Established: 1969



Architectural and Ethnographic Museum - TaltsyArchitectural and Ethnographic Museum Taltsy it is a unique open-air museum complex. A square of the museum is 67 hectares. Its collection contains more than 27 000 exhibits, architectural and ethnographic monuments of XVII-XX centuries. The main exhibits of the museum are wooden houses of the towns and villages of Irkutsk region. The museum Taltsy is organized in way that when you are on its territory you are moving to the provincial town of XVII XVIII centuries. Here you will learn about the life of our ancestors, also will participate in different master class.

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Creation history

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum - TaltsyThe museum was founded in 1969 due to necessity to save houses which were placed in the flooding are due to the Ust-Ilimsk Hydroelectric Power Station in the Irkutsk region. The museum was opened in the village Taltsy where in XVIII century was the glass factory. Over time, the museum developed and expanded. In 1980 the museum opened its doors for the visitors. Till 1994 the museum was a branch of the Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore. In 1994 the museum became an independent museum reginal complex. Nowadays the museum is very popular both among the Irkutsk citizens and guests of this beautiful city.

How to find

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum - TaltsyFrom Irkutsk to the museum is best to go by car. On Baikal highway, leave the city and drive 41 kilometers till the turning to the village Taltsy what is in the embankment of the river Angara in the place where river Taltsa flows to Angara. From Baikal highway turn right and drive about 600 meters till the entrance of the museum.

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