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General Monuments

Monument to Vladimir Snegirev

Monument to Vladimir Snegirev

ountry: RUssia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Frunzenskaya

Established: 1973

Sculptor: Konenkov S.T., Kazachok A.D.

Architect: Stamo E.N.



Monument to Vladimir SnegirevThe famous Russian scientist and surgeon, one of the founders of the gynecology in Russia, Vladimir Fedorovich Snegirev is pictured in the moment when he is sitting on simple chair with a back. He is sitting in relaxed pose. His left hand is setting against of the thigh. A smile is playing on his face. His legs are crossed and put forward. It seems like he sat on the chair to rest after hard but successful surgery.

Massive sculpture of the scientist was placed on big granite rectangular pedestal. There is memorial inscription on the pedestal: The professor Snegirev Vladimir Fedorovich. 1847 - 1916. In spite of the fact that the monument is huge it looks friendly as Vladimir Fedorovich was during the life. The monument very good shows us the temper of the scientist although the portrait similarity give us just common recognizable the lineament.

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Creation history

The monument was made by the sculptors Konenkov S.T., Kazachok A.D. and the architect Stamo E.N.. Unfortunately Sergey Timofeevich Konenkov didn`t finished the monument, he dead in 1971 when he was 97 years old. But the sculptor Kazachok A.D. and the architect Stamo E.N. had finished the work and in 1973 the monument established in front of the entrance to the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology named Snegirev V.F..

How to find

Go to metro station Frunzenskaya and exit to the lane Kholzunova and turn left. On the lane Kholzunova go till the Street Big Pirogovskaya and there you should again turn left. On the Street Big Pirogovskaya go around 150 meters till the crossroad with the Street Elanskiy. Turn right and cross the Street Big Pirogovskaya and Street Elanskiy. When you will cross the Street Elanskiy turn right and go about 80 meters to the main entrance to the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology named Snegirev V.F. (Street Elanskiy bld. 2/1) where you will find the monument to Vladimir Fedorovich Snegirev.