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General Walking routes

Boulevard Ring

Boulevard Ring

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Kropotkinskaya




Boulevard Ring

Simplest route for a walk, what you can imagine it is the Boulevard Ring. Let us ask you, have you walked on the Boulevard Ring from the beginning till the end? And now when on the Boulevard Ring were established the automatic bikes rental stations your walk will not be more than one hour. But if you want to enjoy the walk on the Boulevard Ring you shouldn`t be in a hurry.

So, the Boulevard Ring contains ten boulevards: Gogolevsky Boulevard, Nikitsky Boulevard, Tverskoy Boulevard, Strastnoy Boulevard, Petrovsky Boulevard, Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, Sretensky Boulevard, Chistoprudny Boulevard, Pokrovsky Boulevard, Yauzsky Boulevard. But as you can see on the map, the Boulevard Ring isn`t a real ring, because it is cut down from the south side by Moscow river. But if you want to finish your walk where you started it then you can walk along the embankment of Moscow river and complete the circle.

Boulevard Ring

Okay, let start our walk from Gogolevsky Boulevard and go clockwise. The first thing what you can see is a building of the metro station Kropotkinskaya. It`s looks like a gate and start of our walking route on the Boulevard ring. There is an automatic bikes rental station next to the metro station and if you want, you can take one and ride along the boulevard. If you will be attentive you could see that Gogolevsky boulevard has three levels. It`s means that inner, center and outer parts of the boulevard lies on different heights.

There are many buildings and private residences of XIX century on the Gogolevsky boulevard. Also in the centre of the boulevard you can find a monument to Mikhail Sholokhov. There are two branch offices of Moscow museum of modern Art on the boulevard. At the end of the boulevard you will find a monument to Nikolai Gogol.

Boulevard Ring

After the Gogolevsky boulevard pass the Arbat square and you are in the Nikitsky Boulevard. At the beginning of the boulevard in the yard of the Gogol house memorial museum of scientific library you can find another monument to Nikolai Gogol. This monument was moved from the Gogolevsky boulevard and where now there is new monument to Gogol, about what we told you above.

In the house 9 had lived the famous explorer of Arctic Mikhail Prokofievich Belousov and the famous Soviet and Russian actor Vitaly Solomin. Also there is an estate of the earl Alexander Tolstoy on the Nikitsky Boulevard. At the end of the boulevard there is a Nikitskie Vorota (gate) square where you will see the Natalia and Alexander fountain, what was established In honor of the 200th anniversary of birth of poet Alexander Pushkin.

Boulevard Ring

After the Nikitskie Vorota square you will get to a longest boulevard of the Boulevard ring, it is a Tverskoy Boulevard. At the beginning of the Tverskoy Boulevard you will see a monument to Kliment Timiryazev. On the right side of the monument you can see interesting building of the Information Telegraph Agency of Russia. In the center of the boulevard you will find a monument to the famous Russian poet Sergei Yesenin. Also in the yard of Maxim Gorky Literature Institute you will find a monument to Alexander Herzen.

Boulevard Ring

On the Pushkinskaya Square in front of the Rossiya Theatre you will see a monument to the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Behind the theatre begins a widest boulevard of the Boulevard ring it is a Strastnoy Boulevard. Here you will see a monument to the famous Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff and the famous Soviet singer Vladimir Vysotsky.


Boulevard Ring

The Strastnoy boulevard is ended by the Petrovsky Gates Square, and begins the Petrovsky Boulevard. On this boulevard will not find any monument to the famous persons but like on other boulevards here you can see many interesting old buildings the architectural monuments. After the Trubnaya Square begins Rozhdestvensky Boulevard. History of its existence has began when on this place was built Rozhdestvensky Convent (Nativity Convent) and Sretensky (male) Monastery. In 2012 on the boulevard was established a memorial cross in honor of the protector of Moscow St. Euphrosyne.

After the Rozhdestvensky Boulevard from the Sretensky Gates Square begins shortest boulevard of the Boulevard ring Sretensky Boulevard. At the beginning of the boulevard there is a monument to Nadezhda Krupskaya. From the other side of the boulevard there is a monument to the engineer Vladimir Shukhov.

Boulevard Ring

At the beginning of the Chistoprudny Boulevard you will be met by the monument to the Russian writer Aleksander Griboyedov. Inside of the boulevard you will meet a monument to the poet Abai Qunanbaiuli. The Chistoprudny Boulevard is a single boulevard of the Boulevard ring with pond what called Clean Ponds.

After the Pokrovsky Gates Square and Khokhlovskaya Square you are entering on the next to the last boulevard Pokrovsky Boulevard. The Pokrovsky Boulevard we can combine with the last boulevard Yauzsky Boulevard, because one imperceptibly goes to another. Both of them are not as famous as Tverskoy Boulevard or Chistoprudny Boulevard but they are the part of the Boulevard ring.

So, the last part of the Boulevard ring it is not the boulevard, it is a Ustinsky passage what leads till the Moscow river. In the Yauza Gates Square you will find the monument to the frontier guards of the Fatherland.

Probably we haven`t told you everything, what you can find on the Boulevard Ring but we have gave you cause go for a walk on the great route of Moscow along the medieval walls of the White City what was razed in 1760. Have a nice walk!

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