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General Monuments

Monument to Nikolai Gogol on Nikitsky Boulevard

Monument to Nikolai Gogol on Nikitsky Boulevard

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Arbatskaya (Filyovskaya Line)

Established: 1909

Sculptor: Nikolay Andreyev

Architect: Fyodor Schechtel



Monument to Nikolai Gogol on Nikitsky BoulevardA monument to the famous Russian writer Nikolai Gogol on Nikitsky Boulevard is one of the best monuments in Moscow. But when it was established, many people didn`t like it because the monument was too dark and sad.

The writer is captured sitting on the armchair. He is sitting stooped and muffled in raincoat. Tired and sad he looks at the passersby. Also the monument looks dark and sad because there is a big and dark pedestal. There are bas-reliefs with scenes from Gogol famous books on the pedestal. There is a memorial inscription on the front side of the pedestal GOGOL.

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Creation history

The monument was established in 1909, in honor of 100th anniversary of the birthday of the writer on the Prechistenskiy Boulevard. An idea was born in 1880, when was established a monument to Russian famous poet Alexander Pushkin. However the project was realized just in 1909. In 1951 the monument was moved to Donskoy Monastery. Instead of this depressing monument in 1952 was established another monument to Nikolai Vasilievich more optimistic and positive. In 1959 the monument was moved from Donskoy Monastery to the yard of the Estate of the graph A. P. Tolstoy where Gogol lived last 4 years of his life.

How to find

Go to metro station Arbatskaya (Filyovskaya Line) and exit to the street to the cinema Hudogestvennui. Next to cinema go to the underground crossing and cross the Arbatskaya square. Turn right and cross the Big Arbat street. On the Nikitsky Boulevard go till the building 7A where in the yard you will find this beautiful monument.