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General Monuments

Monument to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Monument to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Pushkinskaya

Established: 1880

Sculptor: Alexander Opekushin



Monument to Alexander Sergeyevich PushkinThe Great Russian poet is immortalized in bronze. The sculpture is on the beautiful pedestal. To the monument leads the stair. It surrounded by the curbstones with the wreathes from the bronze on the top. The curbstones connected by the bronze garlands of the bay leaves. Alexander Sergeyevich is dressed in frock coat with the raincoat on the shoulders. His right hand is under the coat-breast and in his left hand there is hat. His left leg a little is moved forward so it seems that the poet is going to go down from the pedestal. His head a little inclined and his face shows that the poet is thinking. Probably, right now he is creating his new poem. On the pedestal, there are lines from the poem of Alexander Sergeyevich.

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Creation history

Monument to Alexander Sergeyevich PushkinFrom the occurring the idea of the monument till its establishing passed 43 years. Just right from the death of Alexander Sergeyevich in 1837 was occurred an idea of the monument. But it was impossible to realize it because till that moment in Russia the monuments were established only in honor of the statesmen. From the beginning was decided to establish the monument in the village Mikhaylovskoye because Pushkin was loving to stay there.

In 1855 82 civil servants proposed the project but the prince Gorchakov refuse it. In 1860 the group of the students of a lycee one more time tried and at that time the government allow to create the monument but didnt give any money. Was organized the fundraising unfortunately, was collected just 13 000 rubles. Later in 1870 ex-student of the lycee Yakov Karlovich Grot back to this idea.

By the 1880 year was collected 160 000 rubles. In 1875 was organized competition for the best project of the monument. The project of the sculptor Alexander Opekushin took the first place. Alexander Opekushin prepared 10 albums with drawings of the monument and made 30 mini sculptures from the loam. After many years was made the monument to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin what now you can see in the center of Moscow.

How to find

Go to metro station Pushkinskaya and exit to the theater Russia. In the square and in front the theater behind the monument to Alexander Pushkin. Pushkin square bld. 2.