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General Walking routes

From Red Square to Muzeon Park of Arts

From Red Square to Muzeon Park of Arts

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Aleksandrovsky Sad





We would like to introduce you an interesting and exciting route of the walk in Moscow from Red Square to Muzeon Park of Arts. This interesting route we can divide on four parts. The first part it is the walk next to the wall of Kremlin and on the Manezhnaya Square. The second part it is the walk on Red Square till the Moscow river. The third part it is the walk on the embankment along the Kremlin till Muzeon Park of Arts. And last part it`s the walk in the Muzeon park. But now let start from the beginning and go back to metro station Aleksandrovsky Sad. From metro station you should exit to Aleksandrovsky Sad and Kremlin turn left and start to enjoy your walk. Next to Kremlin you can go to the past and feel how Moscow was small but beautiful.


After the bridge to Kremlin from the left side you can see an old building Moscow Manege. It was builded for dressage. Since 1957 the building used like a exhibition area. From the right side you can see the obelisk in the Alexander Garden with nineteen names of the famous political figures of Soviet Union on it. Next to the obelisk you can see an interesting monument of the landscape architecture Grotto. The grotto has an interesting sign. Between the stones and in the cracks you should find coins wish something and hide your coin and then your wish come true. After the Manege you can see Manezhnaya Square. Here along the shop center Okhotny Ryad you can see a big fountain Three horses and many sculptures of heroes of Old Russian fairy tales. In the center of Manezhnaya Square you can find an interesting and unusual clock. And of course the main monument in Aleksandrovsky Sad and all Russia it is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


After the Aleksandrovsky Sad you can see the State Historical Museum one of the biggest museum in the world. In front of the museum you can see the monument to Georgy Zhukov. After that go to Red Square. Better if you will go from the left side of museum because there you will find the Russia`s Kilometre Zero. Stand on it wish something and throw it over your shoulder and then your wish will come true. On Red Square from the left side you can see beautiful building of GUM (department store). From your right side you can see Kremlin and Lenin`s Mausoleum. In front of you there is the Saint Basil`s Cathedral, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky and the Lobnoye Mesto. And of cause on Red Square you will see the main tower of Kremlin Spasskaya Tower.


After the Saint Basil`s Cathedral begins the third part of route. On the embankment of Moscow river turn right and continue your interesting walk and enjoy the beautiful views on the Kremlin and Moscow river. On another side of river you can see the Temple Sophia the Wisdom of God. After that you will come to Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Here you will find a monument to Alexander II. Cross the river and on the Yakamanskuyu embankment turn right and go till the monument to Peter the Great project by Zurab Tsereteli.


Next to the monument to Peter the Great begins fourth and last part of the route Muzeon Park of Arts. This park interesting because here you can find many interesting monuments and sculptures from the Soviet Union and modern times. The main famous monument what you can find here it is a monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky what was dismantled in 1991 from Lubyanka Square. Here your exciting walk could be finished. But if you not tired you can start another interesting walk The Gorky Park - Vorobievy gory (Sparrow Hills). Have a nice walk!

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