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General Monuments

Triumphal Arch of Moscow

Triumphal Arch of Moscow

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Park Pobedu (Victory Park)

Established: 1834

Architect: Joseph Bove

Sculptor: Giovanni Vitali, I.T. Timofeev



Triumphal Arch of MoscowTriumphal Arch of Moscow it is a ceremonial arch from white stones. It is 28 meters in high. Triumphal Arch is decorated by twelve columns from cast iron. On the bottom part of the arch there are sculptures of the warriors. On the attic there are sculptures of women, symbols of the victory, bravery and glory to the defenders.

On the top of the arch there is a sculpture of the Chariot what controled by Nike a goddess who personifies victory. On the attic there are two memorial inscriptions from the both side of the arch. Memorial inscription on the front side of the arch: This Triumphal Arch was built in honor of the memory of the great Russias victory in 1814 and renewal of the creating beautiful monuments and buildings in Moscow destroyed in 1812 during the invasion of the Gauls and twelve other nations.

The second memorial inscription on the back side of the attic: This great year was gone, but the great things of this year will not be forget and the descendants will keep a memory of yours feats. By your blood you had saved a motherland, you are brave and victorious troops. Each of you savior of the motherland, Russia is greeting you. Field marshal Mikhail Kutuzov.

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Creation history

In 1826 during the coronation of Nicholas I of Russia, Nicholas I promoted the idea to create a Triumphal arch in honor of the victory over French aggressors in 1812. The arch should looked like Narva Triumphal Arch in Saint-Petersburg.

In 1834 the Triumphal arch was established on Tverskaya Gate Square. In 1936 the arch was disassembled during the reconstruction of Tverskaya Gate Square. In 1968 the Triumphal arch was renewed on the Kutuzovsky Prospekt next to the Poklonnaya Hill and Panorama Museum - Battle of Borodino.

How to find

Go to metro station Park Pobedu (Victory Park) and exit to Kutuzovsky Prospekt next to building 2K2. On the central part Kutuzovsky Prospekt go toward the Moscow center and after 200 meters you will reach the Triumphal arch.