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General Monuments

Monument to the soldiers of the 3rd Shock Army

Monument to the soldiers of the 3rd Shock Army

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Oktyabrskoe pole (October field)

Established: 1975

Artist: Andreev A. A.



Monument to the soldiers of the 3rd Shock ArmyThe main element of the monument to the soldiers of the 3rd Shock Army is a five-pointed star with the hammer and sickle inside the star. It is a symbol of the Soviet defenders who protected our motherland and stop the Nazi Germany aggressors. From the right side of the star there is a map with route of the army from Moscow to Berlin.

From the left side there is a Commemorative plate from granite with the memorial inscription Here in the Serebryanyy Bor in December 1941 was a staff of the 3rd Shock Army. Troops of the army protected Moscow from aggressors and liberated many towns, cities and villages of Kalininskaya oblast (federal subject), Pskov oblast, Soviet Latvia and Poland. In 1945 stormed Berlin and placed the Victory Baner on the top of Reichstag. Next to the monument you can see cannon of the Second World War times.

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Creation history

The monument was established on 27 April 1975, by the project of the artist Andreev A.A.

How to find

From metro station Oktyabrskoe pole (October field) go on the Narodnogo opolcheniya Street (People`s Militia Street) to the crossroad with prospect Marshala Zhukova (Marshal Zhukov Avenue). Turn right and go toward the bridge Khoroshevskoe over the canal Khoroshevskoe rectification. Go on the bridge to another side of the canal to the Serebryanyy Bor (Silver Pinewood). After the bridge from the left side of the Tamanskaya street on the square next to the building 10 you will find the Monument to the soldiers of the 3rd Shock Army.