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General Monuments

Tsar Bell

Tsar Bell

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Aleksandrovsky Sad

Established: 1735

Caster: Ivan and Mikhail Motorin



TsarThis is really Tsar Bell, father of all bells what was made before and later. Weight of the Tsar Bell is almost 200 ton, height of it more than 6 meters and diameter is almost 7 meters so the standard room could fit into the bell. The bell is placed on the massive pedestal project by Auguste de Montferrand. There is a memorial inscription on the pedestal: This bell casted in 1733 by order Empress Anna Ivanovna. It was lain in the ground three years till 1836 when Nicholas I ordered put it out and in 4 August of this year was established in the Kremlin.

There is a broken piece of the bell next to it. The weight of it 11,5 ton. Decoration of the bell was made by the big team of masters. Besides the beautiful ornament there are images of the Tsar Alexis of Russia, the Empress Anna Ivanovna and saints and angels on the Tsar-bell. Also there is a memorial inscription on the Tsar-Bell.

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Creation history

In 1730 the Empress Anna Ivanovna ordered to create the greatest bell. The master caster Ivan Motorin took this hard project. Creating of the bell took 5 years. Unfortunately Ivan Motorin didnt finish his work, he dead in 1835. Mikhail Motorin continued the fathers work. Soon after finishing the casting began the fire and cold water was poured on the bell and the bell was damaged. The bell was leaved in the ground for a long time and just in 1836 it was lifted and established in the Kremlin in honor of Russian masters casters.

How to find

Go to metro station Aleksandrovsky Sad end exit to Aleksandrovsky Sad. Here you will find the tickets cash desk. After that go to the Kremlin through the Troitskaya Tower. In the Kremlin go ahead till the Senate Square and turn right. Go till the Ivan the Great Bell Tower. Next to Bell Tower you also will see the Tsar Cannon. But you should pass the Great cannon and go to another side of the Great Bell Tower. Here you will see biggest bell in the world.