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General Monuments

To the founders of Russian railways

To the founders of Russian railways

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Komsomolskaya

Established: 2013

Sculptor: Scherbakov S.A.



To the founders of Russian railwaysThe monument in honor of the founders of Russian railways it is a bronze sculptural composition which consist of the seven sculptures of prominent Russian figures in XIX century. There is a bust of Russian Emperor Nicholas I in the center of the sculptural composition. Around the bust there are six sculptures of the founders of Russian railways: The engineers Cherepanov Yefim Alekseyevich, Cherepanov Miron Yefimovich and Franz Anton von Gerstner, Melnikov Pavel Petrovich the first minister of Railways of Russia, the prince Khilkov Mikhail Ivanovich and the count Witte Sergei Yulyevich.

The sculptural composition was placed on massive oval pedestal from bright granite. There are two bronze bas-reliefs with the memorial inscriptions on the pedestal: To the founders of Russian railways and The All-Russian Emperor Nicholas I in 12 February 1842 signed a decree to create the railway between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

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Creation history

The monument was established in 2013 next to the Tsar`s tower of Moscow Kazanskaya railway station in the day of railroad man.

How to find

Go to metro station Komsomolskaya (Sokolnicheskaya Line) and exit to Moscow Kazanskaya railway station on the square Komsomolskaya. On the street turn left and go till the end of the building of the railway station to the Ryazan passage. Turn left and go along the railway station to it`s center where you will find the monument to the founders of Russian railways. (Square Komsomolskaya bld. 2).