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Sculpture - Sportsman with a baton

Sculpture - Sportsman with a baton

Сountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Shchukinskaya





Sculpture - Sportsman with a batonBig, almost three meters in height silver sculpture of the sportsman with a baton shows us slender and athletic sportsman with the baton in the right hand. The sculpture was placed on low and pink pedestal.

The sculpture was made with good attention to the details, unfortunately it is in bed condition. The sportsman lost a finger on the left hand, silver coating was fleeced. Probably pink pedestal was red but without attention faded and a plaster partly fell. Not far from the sculpture on similar pedestal there is a big vase, probably from the cast iron.

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Creation history

The sculpture was established in the yard of the living building no. 13k1 on Marshal Vasilevsky Street. Unfortunately who created and when created this sculpture it is not known. But according to the style of the sculpture it was made in the time of impetuous development of the physical culture training program GTO.

How to find

Go to metro station Shchukinskaya and exit backward to Marshal Vasilevsky Street at the buildings 15 and 13k1. Go between these buildings to the yard and turn left. Go along the building 13k1 till its center where you will find this sculpture of the sportsman with a baton (Marshal Vasilevsky Street bld. 13k1). Not far from the sculpture you also find big vase.