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General Monuments

Monument to Vorovsky

Monument to Vorovsky

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Lubyanka

Established: 1924

Sculptor: Katz I.M.



Monument to VorovskyThe monument to one of the first Soviets diplomats Vatslav Vatslavovich Vorovsky looks unusual. A sculptor shows us the diplomat in unnatural pose. Vatslav is standing on the half bended legs and looking to the sky. He has bent his right hand with the fingers spread and left hand he holds against his hip. The clothes on him are crushed and shabby.

The sculpture was placed on octahedral pedestal from white marble with wide foundation. On the four sides of the pedestal there is a images of the scientist, red army man, worker and farmer. On the front side of the pedestal there is a bas-relief of the State Emblem of the Soviet Union and memorial inscription: Workers of the world, unite! In honor of the plenipotentiary of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in Italy Vatslav Vatslavovich Vorovsky. He was killed by White Russian in the town Lausanne on 10 May 1923. On the back side of the pedestal there is another inscription: The monument was built by the employees of NKID, NKVT and foreign embassies".

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Creation history

The monument was established in 1924 on the square which was named in his honor. From the beginning the monument gained alternative names like the monument to dancing lame, monument to the radiculitis and to dancing diplomat.

How to find

Go to metro station Lubyanka and exit to Lubyanka square at the building where was KGB. Along this building go till the Big Lubyanka Street and turn right. On the Big Lubyanka Street go till the square of Vorovsky. Here go to the yard of the building Kuznetsky Most Street bld. 21/5 where you will find this strange monument.