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General Monuments

Monument to the Trinity - Yaroslavl

Monument to the Trinity - Yaroslavl

ountry: Russia

Locality: Yaroslavl


Established: 1995

Sculptor: Treivus I.B.

Architect: Bobovich A.R.

              Artist: Mukhin N.A.



Monument to the Trinity - YaroslavlA monument to the Trinity in Yaroslavl it is a sculptural composition which consists of three sculptures of angels. They are sitting at a table. In center of the table there is a bowl containing the head of a calf. The sculptures of the angels look very simple without much detailing and have disproportionate bodies sizes. They have big bodies and small heads, but the figures elongated what gives them lightness and loftiness. The sculptural composition was placed on low round pedestal from the granite. Along the contour of the pedestal there are statements from the Bible. At the moment the monument to the Trinity is single monument to the Trinity in Russia.

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Creatioh history

The monument was established in Yaroslavl in 1995 in honor of 1000th anniversary of the Christianization of Russia. The monument was placed on the Cathedral mountain next to the Cathedral of the Dormition. An idea of the monument was taken from the icon Trinity which was painted in 1427 by the painter Andrei Rublev.

How to find

By buses 4, 4A, 13, 16, 41, 41B, 72 or by trolleybus 72 go to the bus stop Bogoyavlenskaya (Epiphany Square) Square. From the bus stop turn left and go along the walls of the friary till the Pervomayskaya street. Here after the church the archangel Michael turn left and along the Kotorosl embankment walk till the Volga embankment till the memorial stone in honor of the foundation of Yaroslavl. Here turn left and go toward the Cathedral of the Dormition. Near the Cathedral you will find the monument to the Trinity.