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General Monuments

Monument to Melnikov

Monument to Melnikov

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Komsomolskaya

Established: 2003

Sculptor: Scherbakov S.A.



Monument to MelnikovThe monument to the founder of Russian railways and the first minister of Railways of Russia Pavel Petrovich Melnikov it is a big bronze sculpture of the minister in full height on the big granite pedestal which looks like column. Pavel Petrovich was pictured dressed in minister`s dress coat with all orders for Service to the Motherland on the chest. The left hand he led to the side and in the right hand he is holding a scroll with Emperor`s decree about the beginning the building of the first railway in Russia between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. With great effort he persuaded the Emperor Nicholas I to create the railway.

There is a memorial inscription on the pedestal: Melnikov Pavel Petrovich the first minister of Railways of Russia. To the monument leads the stairs. Next to the monument on the alley there are two big bas-reliefs of the Russian railways and of the main railway stations.

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Creation history

The monument was established in 2003 on the square Komsomolskaya between three railway stations.

How to find

Go to metro station Komsomolskaya (Circle Line) and exit to the Leningradsky railway terminal on the square Komsomolskaya. In the small square in the center of Komsomolskaya square you will find the monument to Pavel Petrovich Melnikov.