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General Monuments

Monument to Marinesko

Monument to Marinesko

ountry: Russia

Locality: Saint Petersburg

Nearest metro station: Avtovo

Established: 2013

Sculptor:Korneev I.

Architect: Buhaev V.



Monument to MarineskoA moment to the hero of the Soviet Union, to the captain of the Soviet Submarine S-13 Alexander Ivanovich Marinesko this is a bronze sculpture three meters in height.

He is standing modestly and holding the Peaked cap in front him. He is looking somewhere to the right. The sculpture is located on the pedestal what looks like untreated stone. There is a memorial inscription on the pedestal: To the hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Marinesko. /1913 1963 / to the captain of the legendary submarine S-13. There are three monuments to Marinesko in Saint-Petersburg but this one the first monument what is available for visiting because the rest of the monuments located on the territory of closed factories.

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Creation history

An idea of the monument occurred in the early 2000s. But only in 23 December 2013 the monument was established in the square next to the building where lived Alexander Marinesko. At the solemn ceremony attended the daughter and the granddaughter of Alexander Marinesko.

How to find

Go to the metro station Avtovo and exit to the avenue Stachek and there turn right and go along the avenue till the crossroad with the streets road to Turuhtannue islands (doroga na Turuhtannue ostrova) and Zayzeva. Here cross the avenue Stachek after that cross the road to Turuhtannue islands and you are in the small square next to the bulding 67 corps 3. In this square, you will find the monument to Alexander Marinesko. Have a nice walk.