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General Monuments

Monument to GAZ-21 Volga

Monument to GAZ-21 Volga

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Novogireyevo





Monument to GAZ-21 VolgaA monument to the famous Soviet car GAZ-21 Volga this is a real car what was restored with using original parts. The car is painted in police colors with a voice annunciation system and blue flasher lamp. Volga is located on unusual pedestal. It is a metal construction what looks like a car lift for car service.

In front of the monument there is a memorial plate with memorial inscription: A Soviet car of middle class was produced on the factory of Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod in Nizhny Novgorod from 10 October 1956 till 15 July 1970. Cars GAZ-21 Volga were widely used by ORUD (Road Traffic Control Department) what in 1967 was consolidated with GAI (General Administration for Traffic Safety). Earlier the police cars Volga were painted in blue with red stripe along the doors. In 1952 has been introduced yellow color with blue stripe. On the car was installed voice annunciation system (loud-speaker), blue flasher lamp and horn. This specific car was restored with using original parts and was presented to GIBDD of Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow by group from CJSC Traleks.

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Creation history

How this mentioned in the memorial plate the car was restored with using original parts and was presented to GIBDD of Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow by group from CJSC Traleks.

How to find

Go to the metro station Novogireyevo and exit backward to the street Green avenue. Go along this avenue till the crossroad with the avenue Freedom. Turn right and go about 200 meters till the bus stop. Take a bus 615, 409 or trolleybus 64 and go to the bus stop Unosty (youth) street. When you will exit from the bus turn back and go along the street Veshnyakovskaya till the crossroad with the street Unosty. At the crossroad turn left and go along the street Unosty (youth) about 300 meters till the building GIBDD (Unosty (youth) street bld.1). Here next to the building of GIBDD you will find the monument to police car GAZ-21 Volga.

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