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General Walking routes

From Cvetnoy bulvar street (Color boulevard) to the Pushkinskaya square

From Cvetnoy bulvar street (Color boulevard) to the Pushkinskaya square

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Color boulevard




The route of the walk from Cvetnoy bulvar street (Color boulevard) to the Pushkinskaya square isn`t too long but very interesting route for the walk. First point it`s Cvetnoy bulvar street (Color boulevard). Go to metro station Cvetnoy bulvar (Color boulevard) and exit to the Circus of Nikulin.

Go to the building of Moscow Circus of Nikulin. There is the first sight on the route it`s a monument to Russian actor Uriy Nikulin. He depicted in the role of mug from comedy "Prisoner of the Caucasus". He go out from his car. The next sight paced on another side of street, just cross the road and there you will find the circus Arena. There are clowns on the Arena.

After the sculptures compositions of Clowns go forward on the Cvetnoy bulvar street (Color boulevard) to the metro station Trubnaya (Trumpet). On the half way you will find the sculpture composition "the Song" what was created by sculptor Mikhail Baburin. Next to metro station Trubnaya you will fund the monument Grateful Russia. The monument was established for the dead policeman who protected the civilians.

After the metro station turn right and go forward on the Petrovskiy Boulevard till Krapivenskiy lane. Here turn left on this lane and go on it till Petrovka Street. Turn right on the Petrovka Street. This is famous Street where you can see the building where in the Soviet Union was the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department. On the Petrovka Street there is a museum of modern Art where you can find many different and interesting sculptures.

The last point placed at the crossroads with Strastnoy Boulevard you will see the monument to famous Russian singer Vladimir Vysotsky. Here you can turn left and go to metro station Chekhov next to the cinema Russia. However If you`ll continuous your walk on the Petrovka and go to the Street Koretnuy ryad (Carriage Line Street) you can find the Hermitage Garden.

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