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General Interesting places

Cathedral of the Epiphany in Noginsk

Cathedral of the Epiphany in Noginsk

ountry: Russia

Locality: Noginsk


Established: 1628



Cathedral of the Epiphany in NoginskThe cathedral of the epiphany in Noginsk looks aerial and has color of the sky. Its raise above other buildings in historic center on Noginsk. The Cathedral is almost restored after 25 years of reconstruction. An inside decoration also restored and now there bright and roomily inside the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is located on the bank of Klyazma River. There is a Cross-domed church, four-tiered bell tower with a mechanical clock on the top and other household buildings. In the evening the cathedral is illuminated. In 2004 the relics of Constantine Bogorodskii were given to Cathedral.

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Creation history

In 1628 on this place was built a temple of St.Nikolay. From this moment began the long and not simple life of the Cathedral. After 100 years was built new church of the Epiphany. During 100 years the temple was developing and got new buildings. Unfortunately in 1938 the cathedral was closed and there was organized a manufacture of boots. Just in 1989 the cathedral was returned to the church and a reconstruction began.

How to find

If you are going to go to Noginsk from Moscow you should start from Kursky railway station (Gorkovskoye direction of Moscow Railways). By the Electric multiple unit go till station Noginsk. From the station go to Komsomolskaya street and turn right. Go till the crossroad with Patriarch street and turn left. On this street go ahead till the crossroad with Rabochaya (Working) street. On the crossroad turn left. From the right side of you you will see the monument to Patriarch of Moscow and all the Rus Pimen. After a building 16, not far from the crossroad you will find the cathedral of the Epiphany in Noginsk.