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General Monuments

Waterfall cascade - bather

Waterfall cascade - bather

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Frunzenskaya

Established: 1937

Architect: Vlasov A.V.



Waterfall cascade - batherA water architectural complex waterfall cascade - bather it is unique architectural construction. The main element of the cascade it is a sculpture of the woman who is ready to jump to the water.

From the sculpture is starting the cascade of the artificial waterfall which leads to the bottom pond with grotto. From the left and right sides of the cascade there are stone stairs which lead to the embankment of Moscow River. Also next to the bottom pond you can see two sculptures of the boys, each of them is holding the fish. They are dressed in old style clothes and without shoes.

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Creation history

The unique and beautiful architectural construction was built in 1937 during the renewing the Pushkin embankment in Gorky Park. The main architect was Vlasov A.V.. By the way the sculpture of the woman was made by the sculptor Romuald Iodko and established on the Pushkin embankment in 1934. Since 1937 the sculptures of the boys every time had changed and simple disappeared. But in 2013 they were brought back as they were from the first time.

How to find

Go to metro station Frunzenskaya and exit to the lane Kholzunova and turn right. Go to the Komsomolskiy prospect. Go to the underpass through the prospect and on the other side turn left. Along the Komsomolskiy prospect go till the 1st Frunzenskaya street and there turn right. After that go ahead to the Moscow River and cross the Alexander Bridge. After the Bridge turn right on the Pushkin embankment. Along the embankment go till the Elizabeth pond. Here next to the pond you will find the waterfall cascade-bather. (Krimsky Val Street bld. 9/8).