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General Monuments

Monument to Yuri Dolgorukiy

Monument to Yuri Dolgorukiy

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Pushkinskaya

Established: 1954

Sculptor: Orlov S.M., Antropov A.P., ShtammN.L.

Architect: Andreev V.S.



Monument to Yuri DolgorukiyThe monument to the founder of Moscow Yuri Dolgorukiy it is a big bronze sculpture of the prince of Rostov and Suzdal city who is sitting on the war horse. The sculpture was placed on the big and high pedestal. Yuri Dolgorukiy by the imperative gesture is giving a decree to found here new town. The war horse by the hoof is beating the ground as confirmation of Yuri`s words.

The sculpture of the prince has carefully detailed small elements what is unusual for such of big monuments. There is a image of the coat of arms of Moscow on the shield which is hanging on the Yuri`s shoulder. The coat of arms of Moscow it is a picture of Saint George when he is killing the dragon. The top part of the pedestal is decorated with a ornament with the images of the mythical animals: the griffin, the centaur, the phoenix, the basilisk and the sirin. On the front side of the pedestal there is a memorial inscription: In honor of the founder of Moscow Yuri Dolgorukiy. The monument was built to celebrate of the 800th anniversary of Moscow 1147-1947.

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Creation history

The monument to Yuri Dolgorukiy was founded in 1947 year, year of 800th anniversary of Moscow. The monument was established in 1954 in front of the town-hall of Moscow on the square where before was the monument to the general Skoblev and after that the obelisk of the constitution. But the monument to the general was destroyed after the revolution in 1918 and the obelisk which was the first monument of new government was made from bad materials and during the Great Patriotic war was dismantled because was in bad condition.

How to find

Go to metro station Pushkinskaya and exit to Tverskaya Street go along this street toward the Red square. After 500 meters you will reach the Tverskaya square which is in front of the town-hall. Here on Tverskaya square you will find the monument to Yuri Dolgorukiy. (Tverskaya street bld. 13).