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General Monuments

Monument to Ostap Bender and Pussycat Vorobyaninov in Cheboksary

Monument to Ostap Bender and Pussycat Vorobyaninov in Cheboksary

ountry: Russia

Locality: Cheboksary


Established: 2012

Sculptor: Nagornov V. P.



Monument to Ostap Bender and Pussycat Vorobyaninov in CheboksaryThe main heroes of the satirical novel The Twelve chairs by the Soviet writers Ilf and Petrov are imaged in the moment where they cut the chair which was empty and smooth operator and con-man as a joke propose to Pussycat Vorobyaninov leave this futile search of the treasure of the Madam Petukhova, the mother-in-law of Ippolit Matveyevich Vorobyaninov and stay in the town Cheboksary. There is memorial plate on the chair back with citation from the novel, I. Ilf and E. Petrov. The twelve chairs, Chapter XXXV: Pussycat! Let leave the pursuit of the diamonds and increase the population of Cheboksary What do you think? It will be very productive! Cited by M.G. Nolotin, 2011. But according to the novel this phrase Ostap Bender said in the morning when they sailed in the boat after the escaping from the town Vasuki and saw the town Cheboksary.

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Creation history

The monument was established in 2012 on the boulevard of Merchant Efimov because the heroes of the novel during their pursuit of the treasure had visited the town Cheboksary.

How to find

By buses 26, 18, 1, 7 or 16 go till the busstop Nacionalnuy congress (National Congress) and exit at the crossroad with the boulevard of Merchant Efimov. Turn to this boulevard and go till the building 4 it is almost at the end of the boulevard, here you will meet the smooth operator and Father of the Russian democracy.