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General Monuments

Monument to Ioanniky and Sophronius Likhud

Monument to Ioanniky and Sophronius Likhud

ountry: Russia

Locality: Moscow

Nearest metro station: Ploshchad Revolyutsii

Established: 2007

Painter: Vyacheslav Klykov

Architect: Victor Pasenko



Monument to Ioanniky and Sophronius LikhudThe monument to Greek brothers Ioanniky and Sophronius Likhud who were the first teachers in the first university in Moscow is a bronze sculptural composition on the massive pedestal. There is a plate with memorial inscription on Russian and Greek langeages on the pedestal: To Greek educators brothers Ioanniky and Sophronius Likhud. This monument is a gift from Greek government to Moscow. The monument established in 2007.

The brothers dressed in monks clothes. They are translating the bible. Ioanniky is standing next to the table and holding a scroll. Sophronius is sitting on the chair at the table and reading another scroll. There is a inkwell with a pen on the table. The monument is almost four meters in high.

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Creation history

The monument was established in front of the temple of ex Epiphany Monastery in Kitay-gorod in 2007. The monument is a gift of Greek government to Moscow. On the opening ceremony was Greek president. During the ceremony patriarch of Moscow Alexy II had consecrated monument to brother Likhud.

How to find

Go to metro station Ploshchad Revolyutsii and exit to Bogoyavlensky lane. On the street turn left and go one minute till the temple of ex Epiphany Monastery in Kitay-gorod (Bogoyavlensky lane bld. 2C4). Here you will find the monument to Ioanniky and Sophronius Likhud.