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Monument to Anton Chekhov - Zvenigorod

Monument to Anton Chekhov - Zvenigorod

Сountry: Russia

Locality: Zvenigorod


Established: 2010

Sculptor: Kurochkin Vladimir



Monument to Anton Chekhov - ZvenigorodThe monument to the famous Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in Zvenigorod it is bronze sculptural composition which shows us the writer while he is sitting on the bench. It seems like he has walked in the park and after that sat on the bench under the trees to take a rest. There is a little dog and faithful friend of the writer sitting next to him.

Anton Pavlovich put his hands on the back of the bench and put his left leg over the right leg. His figure shows us slackness and on the face is playing light smile. Probably he took a rest after hard work with one of his immortal novel.

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Creation history

The monument was established in 2010 in the square in the town Zvenigorod, in year of 150th anniversary of the writer`s birthday. Decision to establish the monument in Zvenigorod was made because when he graduated the Moscow University the young doctor Chekhov went to Zvenigorod to start his medical practice.

How to find

From the railway station take a bus 24k, 50 or 22 go till the bus stop Magazin №3(Shop 3). After that along the Proletarskaya street go back to the crossroad with Moscow Street. Cross the Moscow Street and turn left. Go till the end of the building and turn right to the square. Here under the tree in the square between Ukraine Street and Moscow Street you will find of Anton Chekhov with his pet.